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Flight from ZAR 9,455 Round trip*

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Flight from ZAR 9,455 Round trip*

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Greece, a destination legends and sun

Rich in its ancient heritage, Greece offers its guests all the pleasures of the Mediterranean. Sun, beautiful natural landscapes, mythological relics, isolated islands, magnificent beaches, healthy and delicious cuisine, that is everything you can expect after booking a flight to Greece. And if there is one thing that is not a myth, it is the hospitality of the Greek people.

Once your flight to Greece is in your pocket, to make the most out of all its riches, divide your trip in two. Because there are two of Greece, the mainland and the islands. Fortunately travel links are frequent and inexpensive. Start by visiting a few of the wonderful ancient sites of the continent, before exploring the Aegean islands. During a visit to Athens, you won't be able to miss admiring the Parthenon marble columns, located on the Acropolis. It's one of the most beautiful treasures from the antiquity.

Make a stop-off in Delphi to discover its ancient sanctuary. Nearby, marvel at the fabulous Meteora, the Byzantine monasteries nestled at the top of mountain peaks. Armed with your travel guide of Greece, go off to discover the plentiful Peloponnese sites. Visit places with the names of legends, Olympia, Mycenae, Argos, there is so much to see. In Corinth, don't miss the wonderfully preserved, theater of Epidaurus. At the Kalamata seaside, take a trip out to the islands: Hydra, Kythira or Corfu. The nature there is lush, the beaches and coves stunning.

A trip to Greece, is also the opportunity to discover some of the beautiful Cyclades islands, and their warm climate. Santorini first, most famous for its volcanic soil and its villages of white houses with blue domes. But also Paros, Los, Délos, whichever takes your fancy, there's a wide choice, the Archipelago has over 200 islands.