Swimming under a waterfall

Swimming under a waterfall

Take advantage of the remarkable hikes and swimming in Basse-Terre National Park with its serial cascades, huge waterfalls, bubbling pools, and mysterious lakes.

Forget the ocean beaches and immerse yourself in the most beautiful freshwaters of Guadeloupe the Carbet, Moreau, and Galion Falls, Bras du Fort waterfall, the Saut de la Lézarde, and Acomat... These enchanting names offer moments of sheer delight in the heart of the rainforest.

There are also hiking trails that are marked and classified by level, some accessible to all, others more demanding and deserving of preparation or an experienced guide. For long walks, it is best to go in the morning, especially for Moreau Falls, which is two-and-a-half hours from the starting point, or a five-hour round trip.

The three Carbet waterfalls are a must, with one being no less than 115m high. Equally charming with clear transparent water is the waterfall of the Saut Lézarde, with its 12m drop that flows into a 50m pool. It is a veritable fountain of youth!