Santa Maria della Salute: Venice's Basilica

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The guardian angel of Venice, whose imposing white mass is one of the major landmarks of the city.

It is anchored majestically at the tip of Giudecca and seems to watch eternally over the serenity of the Serenissima. In 1630, when the plague decimated Venice, the Senate made a vow to build a church devoted to the Virgin Mary if she stopped the spread of the disease. The epidemic receded, so the Doge kept his promise and commissioned Baldassare Longhena to build the basilica.

Construction took 50 years and its architect died before it was completed. It was designed around two numbers, eight and 11. Eight is the symbol of hope and salvation, and 11 embodies faith. They are found everywhere, in the church's dimensions, in its architecture, in its decoration. For example, there are eight inner columns and 11 steps to the Grand Canal.

Do not miss the canvases by Titian and Tintoretto in the sacristy, including Tintoretto's famous Marriage at Cana.

Santa Maria della Salute
Dorsoduro 1
30123 Venezia

+39 (0)41 274 3928