Mani Mani, cuisine of the Peloponnese

Mani Mani, cuisine of the Peloponnese

In Greek, Mani means ‘Magne', a peninsula south of the Peloponnese. If this restaurant is called ‘Mani Mani' it is because one enjoys this cuisine twice as much.

You climb the stairs of an old doctor's house to sit at a table in a bistro atmosphere and suddenly, magically, you are no longer in Athens. The kitchen here has accents of southern Greece. The menu offers dishes typical of that region, like beans with Magne sausage and orange or a chickpea salad and cabbage, but also homemade pasta, accompanied by dried tomatoes, basil and feta. Everything is delicious, tasty, and fragrant, so you'll undoubtedly ask the chef for a particular recipe. If you go for lunch, remember you are in Greece and restaurants open late. In this case, not until 2:00 pm.

Mani Mani
Farilou 10
117 42 Athens

+30 210 921 8180

Menu: around 15 EUR