Turin and the Piedmont

As the capital of Piedmont, Turin is one of Italy's largest cities with a population of nearly one million. Italy's longest river, the Po, flows through the city. Turin has been an industrial city for many years and recently experienced an economic boom. The city hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 2006, an international event that contributed to the city's modernisation.
Over the centuries, Turin has played a major role in both Italian and European history. It has been the capital of the States of Savoy, the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia and the Kingdom of Italy.
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Discover Turin

Discover Turin's charm during a holiday The Piedmont capital is ideally located for a change of scenery and to discover northern Italy.
There is a lot to see in Turni. The city still bears the marks of the past as capital of the States of Savoy. The residential complex in the Royal House of Savoy, in Turin, as well as certain surrounding towns, is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. This is a group of palaces including the Palazzo Reale, the Palazzo Carignano, the Palazo Madama, the Castello del Valetino and the Villa della Regina in Turin.
The Italian city is also known for its 24-kilometres of arcades where you can walk in any weather.
You will surely use Vittorio Veneto square, one of the most impressive in Europe or Il Corso Francia, the longest street in Turin, as landmarks.
Turin has the world's largest Egyptian museum after Cairo. Of course, there is something to please every visitor. Cinema buffs can visit the National Museum of Cinema. You may also enjoy a visit to the Museum of Eastern Arts, the Museum of the Holy Shroud, the Museum of Weapons and Armour in the Palazzo Reale or take a walk through the medieval town and fortress rebuilt in Valentino Park.
Inquire at the tourist office for reduction card for visits in Turin and the Piedmont region.
Take a small motor boat on the Po River for an original and contemplative way to discover the city's surrounding area.

Visit the region of Turin

Besides Turin, the Piedmont region is very pleasant to visit. Green and mountainous, you can visit the Piedmont in a rental car or by foot. Hiking is probably the ideal way to discover the region's riches. In fact, the region has many national parks such as Gran Paradiso or the Val Grande. Cherasco, Savigliano, the Borromean Islands are a few other examples of places that are worth the visit.
What would a trip to Turin be without tasting the local specialities? The Piedmont capital offers a very wide choice of authentic restaurants with personality. You can even taste agnolotti, fresh pasta filled with meat and accompanied by white truffles, typically grown in Piedmont.
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