Journey to London, where the New World meets the Old!

As an Atlantic interface between the English-speaking New World and continental Europe, London has always been a source of fascination for travellers. Air France offers excellent value-for-money regular flights to both London Heathrow and the extremely conveniently-located London City airport. The British are well-known in Europe for doing things their way, so it's worth remembering that certain regulations regarding travel documents may differ from the rest of Europe. The United Kingdom, of which London is the capital, is not part of the Schengen Area, nor is it a member of the Eurozone. The currency is the pound sterling and London time is two hours behind South African time. Any stay in London needs to take account of two things: the sheer variety of attractions and the size of the city. The population of 13 million spread out over more than three thousand square miles makes it the largest metropolitan area in the European Union. Although London's reputation for bad weather precedes it, it actually receives less rain than Paris, and its mild maritime climate means it rarely receives much snow.
Airline tickets to London are best purchased well in advance, given the high volumes of traffic between the UK and South Africa right throughout the year. In many ways, a holiday to London enables you to gain a taste of cultures from all around the world. An amazing 300+ languages are spoken within its boundaries and this diversity is reflected in its cuisine - tantalize your tastebuds with everything from Somali to Serbian specialities. What's more, standards continue to rise, with scores of Michelin-starred establishments scattered right across the capital.

Let the best of London's museums take you on a journey through the world's civilizations and cultures

No stay in London would be complete without a visit to the city's most iconic museums, the British Museum the National Gallery, Tate Britain and Tate Modern. Even better, all of these museums and galleries are free, as is the Imperial War Museum, which has its own extensive war art collection, as well as artefacts from various conflicts in which the UK has fought. Many attractions in London are extremely popular, and if your holiday is a short one, time will be precious. You can beat the queues by ferreting out some of the city's lesser known attractions.
Dulwich Picture Gallery is the oldest public art gallery in England and boasts an excellent selection of Old Masters. Or why not head out to Eltham Palace in southeast London, an Art Deco mansion built on the site of Henry VIII's childhood home? You could see the inner workings of the 'Mother of parliaments' with a tour of the Houses of Parliament and even watch parliamentary debates. One way of getting some kind of feel for the awesome scale of London is to take the lift up to the 72nd floor of the Shard, the tallest building in the European Union. From a 244.3 metre-high observation platform you can enjoy spectacular views over the city.
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Make your holiday to London a hassle-free one with some tips from the experts

The bigger the city, the more useful insider knowledge becomes. These websites will help you stay ahead of the pack: