Destination Genoa: discover The Superb

Located in the northwest of Italy, Genoa ("Genova" in Italian) is the country's first port and the 2nd on the Mediterranean Sea. The population is over 600,000. Along with Milan and Turin, Genoa is part of Italy's industrial triangle, the most dynamic area in the country.

Nicknamed The Superb during antiquity, Genoa became one of the four Italian maritime powers along with Venice, Pisa and Amalfi. The city developed mainly thanks to its activity as a trade port: silk, spices, alum, precious stones, etc. At different times in history, it was considered to be the strongest Italian republic. At that time, Genoa held many territories in Corsica, North Africa and Greece, etc. Its fleet sailed the Mediterranean and Black seas and controlled certain major land and river routes. However, the Republic of Venice often challenged Genoa's supremacy.

Today, Genoa is a dynamic city, very active in sciences and technology. Nevertheless, the port is still the city's main source of wealth.

Due to its geographic location, Genoa has pleasant temperatures throughout the year. Air France offers year round flights to Genoa departing from Johannesburg and Cape Town international airports with connections in either Amsterdam or Paris.

Spend a holiday in Genoa

Discover The Superb's glorious past during a stay in Genoa. The city is built like an amphitheatre around the port and the oldest section has narrow, twisting pedestrian streets that are typical of medieval towns. For a long time, the Strada Nuova was considered the only straight avenue in Genoa. Today the avenue is called via Garibaldi, and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

While in Genoa, spend some time exploring the numerous streets and alleys in the old city. You can admire the facades of magnificent buildings dating back to the medieval period and the renaissance, such as the Loggia dei Mercanti and the Porta Soprana, the old gate to Genoa.
You will also want to admire the city's many palaces: Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Ducale (the Doges Palace), Palazzo San Giorgio, etc. Some of them are art museums today, such as the Palazzo Bianco, the Palazzo Rosso and the Palazzo Tursi. These three splendours are grouped together on Garibaldi avenue, considered to be the most beautiful street in Genoa.
Like most Italian cities, there are many religious buildings that you can visit: Duomo di San Lorenzo, Church of Santi Pietro e Teresa del Bambin Gesù, Basilica Santissima Annunziata del Vastato, etc.
Are you planning a family holiday in Genoa? Be sure to visit the Porto Antico aquarium. It is the largest aquarium in Europe.

Genoa is the ideal destination for those who want to discover a historical city located near the sea. Don't wait to consult the flights to Genoa offered by Air France.

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