Missing or damaged baggage, missing items

Transport in the hold can cause scratches, marks and other minor damage to your baggage for which we cannot be held responsible.

Your baggage has been damaged

If you are still at the airport

Please proceed to your arrival airport's Air France Baggage Service to inform us of the incident.
A Property Irregularity Report (PIR) will be established. We will provide you with necessary information concerning damage repair and you will also receive an associated file number. Please keep this to track your request.

If you have left the airport

You have 7 days from the date of your baggage's receipt to make a compensation request by completing the online claim form or by contacting the customer service team in your country of residence.

In both cases, please provide the following original documents with your request:
  • your boarding pass or your ticket,
  • your baggage tag(s),
  • receipts for any expenses incurred (professional baggage repair estimate, professional's statement of inability to repair baggage, etc.)

Please retain the originals of these documents, as they may be requested at a later stage.

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